Thursday, December 18, 2008

To Your Health

This is my new blog, whose subject is Natural Medicine and Healing. I will be illuminating the use of herbs and other non-mainstream therapies-but I am not going to limit the scope by denying the great advances made by the medicine we encounter in our doctor's office or in hospital. These are very competent people and the results of our medical system are as good as it is politically feasible to be. The individual is responsible for his own health, as he is responsible for all his actions and decisions; I am here to inform and lead those who seek knowledge and guidance.
The only thing political I wish to establish herein is that the absolute Free Market, wherein EACH individual is free to accept or reject ANY exchange-whether information or treatment or product or employment-is the highest and best ideal, and the most available to more people for less money than ANY other alternative. I therefore reject categorically, any attempt to limit medicine to some collectivist scheme whether it be called socialized medicine, one payer, or any other euphemism for state owned and controlled. Since the state is but a collection of individuals who are allowed force in the resolution of disputes; and the collectivist model requires that the state employ all the doctors and nurses, they are thereby reduced to the status of slaves and I refuse to believe any slavery is good. Towards this end, of informing people of the uses and alternatives of various therapies, I will assume throughout that I am dealing with people who are intelligent and capable of making their own decisions and carrying out the therapies they see as their best alternatives, regardless of the state or medical societies' desires to limit access to information or drugs or therapy.
I therefor see, from time to time, a need to lance the boil of statist orthodoxy, so be prepared to read things that will not be 'approved' by the alleged leaders and experts and other power brokers that now prevent progress and freedom of action. The price of medicine is increasing dramatically, from a well-received(by the providers but not the patients) system that is labeled 'third party payer' by economists. The patient and doctor have no direct concern when insurers or the state or grants pay the bill so there is no method that can limit the price rises as in almost every other market. The field of education has the same lack of control and the same high rises in price. Almost every other market is subject to the laws of supply and demand and the prices of the goods and services involved cannot rise without the buyer changing his use patterns or suppliers or even foregoing the product altogether. The re-institution of competition in medicine by the end of protective laws would allow MORE universities teaching MORE doctors who would be able to compete by LOWERING fees to attract customers. The end of prohibitions against the possession and use of all drugs would permit us as human beings to buy, for the LOWEST prices commensurate with production processes, the medicines we need. This lowering of prices will never occur while the state jails people for possession of various popular substances. NEVER.

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